Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nokia News : Giant Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 Unveiled in Paris

Giant Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 Unveiled in Paris 
Another cool marketing stunt from Microsoft and Nokia was spotted in Paris. A giant 10 meters high Nokia Lumia 800 in pink was unveiled and will stay there for the next few days. It’s situated at Champs-Élysées where pedestrian and road traffic are are very high especially right before the holidays.
According to the Professor, passers-by used the Nokia Lumia 800 magenta from hostesses dressed as elves to call the giant phone. Santa appears on the screen to pick up the call. Various features of Windows Phone 7.5 like the People Hub and Maps are then showed off.
Professor Thibault has some photos from the unveiling. Check them out:
photos from the unveiling
Lumia 800 pink giant
photos from the unveiling
Lumia 800 giant 2
photos from the unveiling
Giant windows phone
photos from the unveiling
his sounds similar to a recent Windows Phone event I attended here in New York City. Check this video out if you haven’t seen it yet.
Recap of Big Windows Phone and the NYC Windows Phone

I seriously can’t wait for Nokia’s Windows Phone devices for the US market so I can see more of these marketing stunts in my area! Have you seen a giant Windows Phone lately?

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