Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nokia News : Nokia Lumia 710 Now Selling | Buyers Lined Up

Nokia Lumia 710 Now Selling, Buyers Lined Up
Nokia just announced the Nokia Lumia 710 started selling today. Taiwan was the first to sell them then Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia in the next seven days. Its global roll-out is planned over the coming weeks. The US isn’t mentioned, but we have a feeling we’ll hear about it on December 14th.
Estimated retail price is 270 EUR, excluding taxes and subsidies and availability will be via operator partners, retailers and open channels depending on local situation.
According to Nokia Conversations, people queued up to four hours! Here’s a photo from Taiwan.
Lumia 710
photo from Taiwan 
Nokia Lumia 710 taiwan
Here’s our hands-on video of the Nokia Lumia 710 from Nokia World this year.
The Nokia Lumia 710 features the same 1.4 GHz processor, hardware acceleration and graphics processor as the Nokia Lumia 800. It delivers high performance at an affordable price. Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 710 on the official product page.

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